FLAIR Strips provide drug-free support and protection to the respiratory system of hard-working equine athletes. Learn more at Flairstrips.com!  FLAIR Strips are proven to:  Help horses breathe easier, Reduce lung bleeding, Reduce fatigue, Reduce energy consumption, Quicken recovery.  FLAIR Strips help horses breathe easier. Make sure your hard-working barrel horse is breathing at maximum efficiency when it counts most: Here at the NBHA World Championship! Flairstrips.com FLAIR Strips reduce fatigue and quicken recovery. Perform better with FLAIR Strips!  If you’re serious about reducing lung bleeding in your high-performance barrel horse, you’ll want to protect ‘em with a FLAIR Nasal Strip on race day. Stop by the FLAIR table for a free Strip application before your next run. Flairstrips.com Contact: Barkley N. Porter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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